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Transport, Accommodation and Diving are all included!!
Special Package Prices price for per pax

<Accommodation> With a hot shower
and delicious breakfast,
<H1> Puri Pandan

Bungalow image
With beautiful garden and pool.

<H2> Le 48
Le48 reception
<Term> 2 people/
1 room
1 person/
1 room
2 people/
1 room
1 person/
1 room
<A>3nights 4days 4dives $283.00 $337.00 $319.00 $439.00
<B>4nights 5days 6dives $397.00 $454.00 $445.00 $59000
<C>5nights 6days 8dives $510.00 $570.00 $562.00 $740.00
<D>6nights 7days 10dives
   +1dive free
$622.00 $685.00 $694.00 $889.00
<E>7nights 8days 12dives
Free equipment!
$733.00 $799.00 $817.00 $1037.00
<F>8nights 9days 14dives     Free equipment! $843.00 $912.00 $939.00 $1184.00
<G>9nights 10days 16dives    Free equipment! $952.00 $1024.00 $1060.00 $1330.00
<H>10nights 11days 18dives   Free equipment! $1060.00 $1135.00 $1180.00 $1475.00
<I>11nights 12days 20dives Free equipment+1dive free
$1167.00 $1245.00 $1299.00 $1619.00
<J>12nights 13days 22dives   Free equipment! $1273.00 $1354.00 $1417.00 $1762.00
<K>13nights 14days 24dives   Free equipment! $1378.00 $1462.00 $1534.00 $1904.00
<L>14nights15days26dives   Free equipment!
<M>15nights16days28dives   Free equipment!
$1482.00 $1569.00 $1650.00 $2045.00
$1585.00 $1675.00 $1765.00 $2185.00
Free equipment+1dive free
$1687.00 $1780.00 $1879.00 $2324.00

The Prices include: all the breakfasts during the stay, lunch(on the diving day,not including candidasa areas)), accommodation, transport between Candidasa and the airport, facilities fee and guide instructor etc.

Special Bonus!!

Extra 1 dive is given for free! to the person who applied for more than <D>. Further, to the person more than <I>, extra 2 dives are given for free. (Night dive is also acceptable as an extra dive!) Free equipment to the person who applied for more than <E >..
.nights 8days 12dives

Regular dive sites are Tulamben,Amed areas(Beach Sites)(Total 16 dive sites),.

*Boat dive surcharges/Tulamben sunrise dive/Lipah wreck is held with the addition of $10 per day,

Optional dive sites: P.J and Seran Isk(min two(2) divers) is held with the addition of $40 per day. Menjangan Is(min four(4) divers) is held with the addition of $65. North area to Cristal Bay(Nusa Penida Is) is held with the addition of $50($30 small boat) per day. Crystal bay and Manta Point is held with the addition of $65($40 small boat)and four(4) divers minimum .Even in the case of less than 3 divers, it could be held by sharing the boat with other shops, so please ask the staffs for the details. And additional dives are at the bargain prices, too. (one extra dive-$30-beach or $40-boat)

Tours to Tepekong,Mimpang,Biaha and Seran are also held depending on the condition and the level of divers

Only for the package applicants, full rental equipment becomes US$10 per day, if necessary.

Extension of the stay and additional dives are welcomed, too.

Puri Panda Bungalows; $20.00-Single, $28.00-Double per night.Puri Pandan Bungalows is with a hot shower and breakfast,(AC room also avalable.+$8.00-single room,+$4.00-double bed room per day per person
extra charges).

Le48; -Single or Double per night. Upgrade Villa
will be extra charge $10 per room a day.
High season 1st July to 30th September will be charge $10.00 per room a day.

Le48 is with an air-conditioner, a hot shower, a telephone,, in room, and breakfast

A package by other designation of accommodation is OK, too. Please tell us your favorite hotel chosen from our HP, and it will be estimated.

Please plan your trip to be able to get your flight at least 18 hours(commendation 24 hours) after your last dive.

DiveLite diving Package is different! Not only cheapness.

1) Even if you are only 1 participant, without any extra fees, we guide you the sea in Bali steadily.
2) Free transport to & from "Teganan" which is the native Balinese village near Candidasa.
3) The guidance of the sea is conducted by an abundantly experienced instructor.
4) The tour to dynamic Tepekong, Mimpang or Biaha is also held depending on the condition and the level of divers.
5) The habit of marine life and geographical features etc on each dive site are introduced in detailed pre-briefing, so you can enjoy also before diving. Further, logging after dives is also conducted steadily.
6) After dives, equipment is washed and kept in DiveLite.
7) We never do diving pressed for time. Persistently by your pace, the most suitable dive site on that day is guided.
8) Your requests are asked before diving. Please tell us anything selfish, like fish you want to see or your dive style etc. We never neglect the effort to go along your hope.
9) The sea in front of DiveLite is shallow and has lots of small fish! If you want to dive more after your regular dives, you can dive with your buddy in front of DiveLite as well.

10)Free coffee and cold water and free WI-FI(1hour max) in our dive center.

How to apply; When you(1 applicant) choose Bali-style Bungalow and 3night 4days 4dives, please write H1-A +all participants' names,addres, phone number and apply to info@divelite.com or divelite@indo.net.id

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