The Policy of Safety

There is no absoluteness or 100% on anything. However, as for dive troubles, we believe that we can reduce their possibility as much as unlimited. It's common to join watertight liability and accident insurance as diving service and instructors, and further, as the prevention(Important!) from them, we explain in pre-briefing about the best safety-process on the dive site you go to. In addition, our all instructors dive with emergency floats in their BCDs and dive alerts. Our all rental BCDs are equipped with emergency floats as well. In the case of doubtful condition, we change dive sites or cancel as professionals with explanation to your satisfaction.

Though you take this above as a matter of course, our instructors always keep in mind the resolute judgement and action as professionals. In addition, we are thorough to listen to your frank opinions and requests positively without indulging ourselves in the word of professionals.

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Washing Area

Our service is divided by three:

1. Diving Tours
2. Diving Courses
3. Selling Equipment

As for 1 and 2, you need to fill out the application, <Special event voluntary liability release and assumption of risk> and Medical statement. And for the diving tours, please show us your C-card and log-book. When you forget specially your C-card, you can not participate in the regular diving tours, so please don't forget it. In addition, minors need signatures of their parents or the representative adults.

Filling out the papers
Explanation of dive sites
Fitting on rental equipment
Leaving your valuables

In the diving tours after filling out those, introduction of our facilities, your guide instructor and dive sites begin. In the introduction of dive sites, we explain about the dive schedules, their condition, marine life you can see there, interesting modes of life and the histories, by showing some materials briefly for ten minutes. At the same time, we confirm the safety-processes.
After that, when you need rental equipment, you fit on them and confirm their comfort and directions for use. At last, we prepare your weights by collating your wet-suit and the tank etc.

In the diving courses(SSI/PADI), after filling out papers, the courses begin with the manuals and AV of each course.

We recognize that it is indispensable in our services to insure, and we also recommend you to join in your own insurance before your travels, such as DAN or Foreign accident insurance.

In addition to the diving, we are selling our original T-shirts and drinks. Further, we can introduce various accommodation in Candidacy at the lower prices than normal. Reconfirmations of your tickets are free for our customers. At last, we also arrange your transport to and from the airport or chartering cars etc if you want, so please ask us anything during your stay in Candidacy.


The Staffs

In our shop, Divert, full-time foreign diving-instructors, and Indonesian staffs of each section, help you to have your comfortable diving life. Our instructors have sufficient experiences of diving in Bali, and guide you underwater with safety and confidence. So, you can't have any anxiety about diving.

The Services


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Washing Area

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The Equipment

We also offer rental equipment well-maintained. Please check them as follows.

(made in USA)
They are checked up regularly, and overhauled every year .

Sub Gear II;
(made in USA)
We have sizes from XS to M. For L or the bigger sizes, we use two different makers'. In addition, our BCDs are all equipped with emergency floats for safety.

Masks and snorkels are made in Japan, and some makers' fins are offered with booties to adjust to your leg-strength. Gloves are optional, and you can use them with recognition Not to touch coral and so on recklessly.
As for wet-suits, we use 2.5mm one-piece and have every size for you.
11 or 12 liter aluminum tanks are used in our shop. They make you need more weights than steel tanks. Please ask us in detail.
We prepare others as follows.
Camera(Sea&Sea), Underwater lights(made in Toshiba), Floats if necessary, Dive computers(our instructors bring them.), and Weights(1kg, 1.5kg, 2kg).
As safety equipment, Dive alerts, Emergency floats, First-aid kits, a Tool box(our instructor bring these all every time.), and Oxygen inhalers(we grasp the local emergency medical system(EMS); the nearest doctors or hospitals having the Oxygen in dive sites. In addition, our service is always ready to be able to use oxygen inhalers and so on of the private doctor living in Candidasa.)

The Facilities

DiveLite is one of the largest scale of diving service in Bali; on the 700 square meters land just in front of the sea, the shop, cafe, bathrooms, equipment washing place, equipment room, and parking lot gather. You can do anything here such as logging and drinking in the cafe looking at the sea, playback of your digital camera with AV, and afternoon napíŽíŽíŽ(You can get cheap massages as well.)
Further, from the private beach just in front of DiveLite, you can have dive practices, go boat diving to the interesting sites, and go snorkeling.
In addition, you can see the beautiful scenery from our shop such as: Mimpang and Tepekong island, which is one of the best diving sites, Nusa Penida and Lembongan islands, and if fine, Lombok as well. At night, you can see the Milky Way in the sky, and find constellations easily like a planetarium.
At last, there is the reasonable bungalow next to DiveLite.




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