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Newsletter to Full Enjoy Scuba Diving in Bali


-Still Exist! Vol. 3-



The Lagoon in the evening seems interesting!

Indonesian local food is delicious, isn't it? Sate, Padang food, or Seafood... with just thinking of them, I feel hungry. If you say, "I wanna try the same things as local people eat in Candidasa!," please go to stalls in front of the Lagoon. There are only 3 or 4 stalls, but local people are often seen queueing to buy there in the evening. First, try Fried Bananas, Fried Potatoes, and a Pancake as snacks. When it's after diving, their sweetness seems to filter into your body and makes you more happy. The next is Sate. It's chicken Sate there, with rich sweet peanut sauce. Once you get accustomed, you will fall into a habit of also this taste. Then, if you can eat more, Bakso(like a noodle soup), chicken soup, or fried rice... would be nice.

Your stomach's gotten full?? Then, please take a walk around the Lagoon. Lots of lotus flowers bloom there. If you think to eat them now, you must be so gluttonous!, even though they are good to eat. At the water's edge, naked children(sometimes adults also... It puts to the blush...)are dabbling, or mothers are washing hard. The Lagoon is the place for life as well.

Further, people in full Balinese dresses are also often seen around there, because in the front of the Lagoon is Candidasa temple. In the morning and evening, women with offerings on their heads visit there. We, foreigners also can go inside, but at least, please wear the underskirt, and prepare an offering of around Rp.1,000. The tea time there before enjoying the seaside evening, might become your habit...


Diagonal-Banded Sweetlips (Plectorhinchus lineatus)

The fish you can see at any dive sites in Bali. They have white&black vertical stripes mixed with yellow colors.

The same kinds such as Ribboned sweetlips are often found as well. But their designs and shades are a little different, so please try to compare them with Diagonal-banded sweetlips! It might be interesting.
They are still on the coral or under rocks comparatively with currents. So, you can watch them thoroughly.

Specially on Tepekong canyon, Padang-bai temple, and Nusa Penida, their large shoals can be seen.

The babies have a different shades, and swim like dancing! So cute and lovely!! You can not help smiling during watching them.

DIVING SITE in Bali -3-

Tepekong Tunnel

The site to be able to enjoy dynamic walls and tunnels should be this Tepekong Tunnel! Specially those who like geographical features can not miss it. First, let's go explore the sea behind the island, where rocks are protruding. There are many small tunnels and arches! Under rocks, sharks, soldierfish and so on are hiding, and there are a lot of garfish on the surface. And peculiar fish of the Indian Ocean, Powderblue Surgeonfish is a frequenter in this site as well.

After the sea exploration, let's swim forward along a gentle slope running from the island. Lots of wild fusiliers and Napoleon fish which seem to be around 2 meters appear, so you can't be off your guard. Then, you get to the highlight in this site, Blue Tunnel. The big MOUTH of deep blue draws near before your eyes. Around 10 meters long. You keep going forward in the tunnel, casting a glance at sweetlips and soldierfish taking a rest in large numbers inside the tunnel. It is about 2 meters in diameter, so divers can pass through with room. After you go through the way out gradually getting bigger, a steep cliff wall is waiting for you in dazzling light.

Please fly along this steep wall like a bird. This site assures you to be able to do so refreshing diving that your daily anxiety are blown off.

"BSGUS" ADVICE to Enjoy diving in Bali


The last number was about compensation responsibility insurance, paid in the case that diving dealers side assumes the responsibility. But actually, this insurance is seldom applied specially in diving tours. Because in diving tours, leaded divers must be certified. Saying like this might be easier to understand. Basically you dive with self-responsibility, and a guide is nothing but the one just showing the sea.

For example, a guide tried to dive 100 meters deep, and a diver who followed gets sick. In this case, it's doubt whether the guide who leaded is responsible. Because the diver is certified, that is, the diver ought to have learned about risks of diving in the deep depth, so it is thought that he/she understood them and followed the guide (though detailed circumstances are judged by insurance companies and guidance organizations.) This is the reason why it is said that diving is a sport of self-responsibility.

Therefore, prudent diving dealers are joining accident insurance. Like Foreign accident insurance, it is the insurance paid regardless of the responsibility of divers (of course, also non-divers) or diving dealers. But, it's on the assumption of the three factors; Outbreak is sudden, unexpected, and not inside the body but outside.

However, the premium is expensive because the limit of this insurance is extensive. So, it is important to check whether they have this kind of insurance in dive fees.

In addition, some insurance are classified to details such as defects in a diving shop, defects of equipment, and accidents on a boat...

Thus, there are many sorts of diving insurance. It would be good to try to ask what kind of insurance are included in dive fees.

Still..., presupposition of these insurance are to defend diving dealers. They are inferior to Foreign accident insurance on the premium and convenience. As we said, diving is a sport of self-responsibility. Prudent everyone, please don't forget to join the insurance by yourselves.


Overflowing with Diving Guidance Organizations in the world

Actually, so many diving guidance organizations exist. There are infinite varieties of them from small scales of a few staffs to world-wide organizations which have branches all over the world. It is said that about more than 1,000 exist all over the world.

For people who want to try diving now, it might be a trouble. But, even though there are so many, organizations which you actually can know would be around 10.

Generally, diving has a strong impression of a sport with possibility of a matter of life and death. It's natural to think you want to choose a guidance organization with reliable education contents.

But, it is a little difficult to choose which one, because there is no great difference in basic education contents of diving. But if you dare to distinguish them, it could be like this.

Guidance organizations have each basis and background. For example, a diving organization whose body is a swimming school has education attached importance to swimming. Some are for the handicapped, and others have education systems of not only beginners courses but also various objects such as U/W camera. They are so various, and you find the suitable one for you.

In addition, for people who want to enjoy diving all over the world in the future, internationally well-known organizations will be better. Because dive sites are often in remote places, and when you show a C-card like MARY licence card or BOB licence card, whether it works...?

ESSAY by Diving Instructors,
'Mino' or 'Kasago'

Specially last FEB, it rained a lot. When it rains, the U/W visibility gets worse. But, the sea in that season is also very interesting. The bodies of Jackfish, the most popular fish in Wreck, also swell so much. Because when the rain falls on mountains, the muddy stream goes from rivers to the sea, and fish take lots of nutritious ones in it. But that's not only about fish. My stomach is also... because in that season, I get busy to eat fresh fruits. Well, there is no big difference between Jackfish and me...('Mino')

-the best facilities, staffs, and location in Bali-

Reliable Diving Service <DiveLite>

The best location surrounded by diving sites in Bali is Candidasa. And in front of the private beach of the center in Candidasa is our diving service <DiveLite>. These are hold by your requests; coherent diving education until SSI Instructor Course, which only DiveLite organizes in Bali, and diving tours in more than 20 diving sites including the original site.
We promise to take you prisoner of the sea in Bali with goodness of the location and staffs. DiveLite is the 1st diving service in Bali of (PMA) 100% managed by the foreign instructor. Please don't hesitate to come visit us!!


Well, there were less tourists on the end of last year under the influence of the terrorism in USA.('Mino') Right. Even Ubud where I'm living was slack.('Kasago') Thank you very much for everyone who came to dive with us, or encouraged us by mails in such circumstances.('Mino') Bali, Candidasa has no problem, and our SMALL? shop(Ha ha ha!! Unnecessary...), DiveLite is running business thanks to everybody.('Kasago') We'll do our best to issue this "LIONFISH" about every other month in this year.(Really???)('Mino')

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