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<Regular dive sites in Bali we, DiveLite, recommended you with confidence!>
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Dive season: Generally speaking, the dry season is from April to November, and the rainy season is from December to March. The temperature is 25 degrees to 32.The underwater temperature is normally quite comfortable; 21 degrees to 28 in the dry season and 23 to 29 in the rainy season in most sites. But, it sometimes falls to around 20 degrees in some sites with a current. In the dry season, the visibility is better in the north-west, but some days are windy. On the other hand, in the rainy season, the visibility falls down compared with in the dry season, but it is more calm and stable.
Because of many rivers to the ocean, the visibility is 10m to 20m on an average(much better in some sites with a current), but it is said that any kinds of fish in Bali are bigger than others because of nutritious water for them.
Further, there is no storm like a typhoon in Bali, so you can do dive anytime somewhere, and that is one of strong points of the sea in Bali.

Diving in Bali: In our opinion, a special feature of the sea in Bali is its variety that every dive site has its own characteristic. As you have your favorite food, you must have your favorite dive site, and we believe that you can find it in Bali. Dive sites in Bali can satisfy your any requests such as; geographical features like holes or tunnels, small rare fish, wall diving drifting along a steep wall, an adventurous mood of wreck, and tropical diving in an underwater flower garden with beautiful coral. In addition, you can go to the most dive sites in one hour from DiveLite.

Bali is famous for a tourists resort the most, but the ocean is also interesting. Seeing is believing! You come and try to see it, please!

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1 Candidasa; Minpang Rocks-Tepekong Tunnel-Tepekong Canyon-Biaha Cave,Anemone Sanctuary
2 Nusa Penida; S.D-Toyapakeh-Blue Corner-Manta point
3 Padang bai; Blue Lagoon-Tepmle-Pasir Puti
4 Amed; Right Wall-Left Wall-Amed Beach-Lipa Wreck-Selang Island
5 Tulamben; The Liberty Wreck-Kubu Wall-Batu Kelebit
6 Menjangan; Pos2-The Garden Eels-Pos1
Weedy Scorpionfish
Big eye trevallys
The Liberty Wreck

Weedy Scorpion fish

The Liberty Wreck

Bigeye Trevallys